The lovely Mazandaran

A typical jungle scene in Mazandaran - Iran

Iran is beautiful; there is no doubt about it. But with such non-democratic non-modern government and political structure, many people in the world have a bad mental background about Iran and Iranians. Last week I had a great 3 day trip with my classmates to Mazandaran (From our university located in Tehran) , in north of Iran. I decided to write a little about the place (Mazandaran) and publish some photos I took.

Where is Mazandaran?

Mazandaran is located north of Iran, between Alborz Mountains and Khazar (Caspian) sea. Because of its narrow width and locating between sea and mountains, the humidity is very high and its soil is very great for farming. There also so many rivers located in the province. The space between seashore and jungles in some part of this area is less than a kilometer. Mazandaran is one of the most internal touristy poles in Iran.

I am from Sari, the capital of Mazandaran Province, so this trip was not an exact trip for me, because I’d seen these places so many time before, but going there with friends from other parts of Iran (which are usually dry) proved me that Mazandaran is really beautiful. Then I decided to publish some photos and let people from other countries see the beautiful Mazandaran!

Please mention that these pictures were taken in autumn with a Mobile VGA Camera.


Here are two pictures from a road in Mazandaran. (It’s an entrance road somewhere near “SavadKuh�?)



Khazar is the world’s biggest lake and people usually name it Sea, Some pictures from “Farah Abaad�? seashore (30km south of Sari), Taken early morning (except one).


Jungle in autumn

These are some beautiful pictures from “Shahid Zare’�? Jungle Park (3km east of Sari). I love this place because my school was somewhere near the park and I studied 7 years there!


“Soleyman Tange�? Dam

40km south of Sari, There is a Dam on “Tajan�? river surrounded with beautiful jungles. This place has a great view over the valley.


“Abbas Abaad�?

The last place we visit was “Abbas Abaad�? Jungle Park in Behshahr (55km east of Sari). This place is famous because of a special historical buildings founded by “Shah Abbas Safavi�? –The Persian King- more than 200 years ago. The building is located inside an artificial lake. We had a great lunch program there with lots of fun.


This trip had a great effect on me, I wrote about it before in my Persian Weblog.

I am really interested to know your comments if you are not Iranian, What do you think about the place? What do you think now about Iran?

Updated (January 2009): Mazandaran in Autumn, Pictures from Mazandaran in Autumn, a great photo set  prepared by my friend, Nima.

I keep everything inside ‎…

Writing here about myself rather than my Persian blog just means one thing, I need a little more privacy! I’ve never been this much confused, I really do not know what going to happen, From others’ sight I have a good life, at least not boring, Studying in a good university, having a good family, so much activities, so many people around and of course a permanent will to help others … But they can not see inside, just because I always pretend like I am ok, I rather not to talk about my problems and inner feelings and that makes them harder to overcome.

The more I grow, The more problems come from my relationships, Experiencing so much pressure from this point in past 6 months, fall me in a manic depression challenge, I can not understand why things get worse even though I try hard not to let them to become so, In all kind of my relationships I try not to transfer expresses to other side, I always try to help other people, I always try not to be rude, I always behave extra logical, I always try not to offend people, I always try to accept their mistakes, I always try to be a good man, but I get depressed when I see they do not see this , or even worse they except more!

I usually do not even think about the things I do, I try not to talk about them, but tonight I wanna SHOUT! They tell me that they DO like me, but they are not ready to help me, That’s right, I don’t tell them to do so usually, but at least when I tell them, I really expect them to do so, but they always leave me alone… They even do not expect me to be sad!

I am afraid to say the more I go and try to be ok, I gain less, in past 6 months, 3 people told me one thing with different words: “I DO like you, You ARE extra good, But I can not help you, Please stay as a friend for me, but do NOT expect me anything?.

I keep everything inside and even though I try, it all fell apart …