Respectful Japanese

10 days ago I traveled to Japan for a robotic competitions. My trip to this amazing country took about 8 days and I got totally impressed by Japanese people. I am still thinking deeply about their behaviors and cultures and I think this would take much longer. Japanese are kind, responsible and friendly people with a permanent will to help. You will never feel lonely in Japan when you face a problem.

I do not know if a Japanese will ever read this post or not, but if so, I would like to thank you all …

Robo Egg !


Today is Persian New Year (Norouz). One of the greatest traditions of Norouz is Haft-Sin table which includes seven items specific starting with the letter S or Sîn (س) in Persian alphabet). The items symbolically correspond to seven creations and holy immortals protecting them.

Egg do not start with Sin (S)(س) in Persian alphabet, but egg decoration is very popular among Iranian families, They add decorated eggs to their haft-sin table.

Each year, near Norouz, a popular contest is held in our faculty named “Egg Decorating Contest“. Students from all over our university take part in this big contest. It was the second year that I gave my friends an idea to decorate the egg! (Just the idea, I can not even paint a simple sheet of paper!)

Last year this egg finally became one of the top 20s (Thanks Shokoofeh):

Basket Egg Ball !

This year I didn’t have time to participate, but again I just gave one of my friends the idea. We are all member of Parsian Robotic Group, which is a robotic team working on a group of Small Size Robots. This year is the second year we are working on this project and our team is one of 16 teams which were qualified for this year RoboCup Competitions.

What could be more better than a “Robo Egg” ?? This egg didn’t took place in top 20s, but the Judge Team gave that egg a special prize for the concept !!! Here are some other pictures of the egg beside one of our robots:


As I told, I didn’t go to take photos from this year contest, but last year (@ March 13th 2006) I got some great photos which I didn’t publish, if you want to see some creativity of decorating eggs, take a look:


I keep everything inside ‎…

Writing here about myself rather than my Persian blog just means one thing, I need a little more privacy! I’ve never been this much confused, I really do not know what going to happen, From others’ sight I have a good life, at least not boring, Studying in a good university, having a good family, so much activities, so many people around and of course a permanent will to help others … But they can not see inside, just because I always pretend like I am ok, I rather not to talk about my problems and inner feelings and that makes them harder to overcome.

The more I grow, The more problems come from my relationships, Experiencing so much pressure from this point in past 6 months, fall me in a manic depression challenge, I can not understand why things get worse even though I try hard not to let them to become so, In all kind of my relationships I try not to transfer expresses to other side, I always try to help other people, I always try not to be rude, I always behave extra logical, I always try not to offend people, I always try to accept their mistakes, I always try to be a good man, but I get depressed when I see they do not see this , or even worse they except more!

I usually do not even think about the things I do, I try not to talk about them, but tonight I wanna SHOUT! They tell me that they DO like me, but they are not ready to help me, That’s right, I don’t tell them to do so usually, but at least when I tell them, I really expect them to do so, but they always leave me alone… They even do not expect me to be sad!

I am afraid to say the more I go and try to be ok, I gain less, in past 6 months, 3 people told me one thing with different words: “I DO like you, You ARE extra good, But I can not help you, Please stay as a friend for me, but do NOT expect me anything?.

I keep everything inside and even though I try, it all fell apart …