How to extract images from a rosbag file and convert them to video #protip

Robo Egg !


Today is Persian New Year (Norouz). One of the greatest traditions of Norouz is Haft-Sin table which includes seven items specific starting with the letter S or Sîn (س) in Persian alphabet). The items symbolically correspond to seven creations and holy immortals protecting them.

Egg do not start with Sin (S)(س) in Persian alphabet, but egg decoration is very popular among Iranian families, They add decorated eggs to their haft-sin table.

Each year, near Norouz, a popular contest is held in our faculty named “Egg Decorating Contest“. Students from all over our university take part in this big contest. It was the second year that I gave my friends an idea to decorate the egg! (Just the idea, I can not even paint a simple sheet of paper!)

Last year this egg finally became one of the top 20s (Thanks Shokoofeh):

Basket Egg Ball !

This year I didn’t have time to participate, but again I just gave one of my friends the idea. We are all member of Parsian Robotic Group, which is a robotic team working on a group of Small Size Robots. This year is the second year we are working on this project and our team is one of 16 teams which were qualified for this year RoboCup Competitions.

What could be more better than a “Robo Egg” ?? This egg didn’t took place in top 20s, but the Judge Team gave that egg a special prize for the concept !!! Here are some other pictures of the egg beside one of our robots:


As I told, I didn’t go to take photos from this year contest, but last year (@ March 13th 2006) I got some great photos which I didn’t publish, if you want to see some creativity of decorating eggs, take a look:


“Auto Delete Posts Plugin” enhancement

Last week one of my friends wanted to use WordPress Auto Delete Posts Plugin” for his site for cleaning up the WordPress after a period of time because of heavy posts’ traffic, He told me that the plugin does not work properly… After half an hour of testing the plugin I figured out that the plugin uses “publish” and “edit” action hooks to perform clean up , it does not delete/move posts instantly

It was not a hard work to add two “Instant Delete/Move” buttons in the plugin options page . When I got sure that the plugin works correctly I sent Mr. Bihari the changelog and new file … Now I am very glad to see the new plugin in action!

Multi URI Ping Plug-in for WordPress

Do you have a WordPress based weblog that used to have another address in the past or uses URL Redirection now? Do you have problem with “Update Services? and it seems as if they will never add your blog address to their update list?

With “Multi URI Ping Plug-in? you can easily ping Update Services with more than one URI when your blog get updated, Just Edit your weblog alternative addresses in Multi URI Ping option page in WordPress admin panel and you will see alternative addresses in Update Services recent update lists when your blog get updated.

There also is an Instant Ping option to help you ping update services manually through wordpress admin panel.

Here is a screenshot of the plug-in admin panel.

Multi URI Plug-in Admin Interface

WordPress Version Compatibility:

Tested on wordpress 1.5, 1.5.1, 1.5.2 and 1.6 alpha.


The latest version is 0.9. Click here to download it.

How to Install

Extract the archive and copy mps-multiping.php to your wordpress /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate “WordPress Multi URI Ping? through your wordpress admin panel.

How to Use

Just login to wordpress admin panel and go to Options->Multi URI Ping page and edit the links in the text box.

Notice: You must be level 10 WordPress admin to access the page.

Change log

  • Ver 0.9 (October 24, 2005) : First Release.

How much should we extend web applications?

I’ve had an old problem pinging Updating Services ‘cause I didn’t use WordPress index file name when I started using WordPress 1.2.1 on my personal website , From then I used blogrolling manual ping form.

When WordPress 1.5 released with its unique Theme system, upgrading was my nightmare because of complex home page index file situation on my site.

My site had an index file introducing myself , some bios and a little bit about my projects. Both my static files and WordPress files are in the root directory , in WP 1.2 I renamed the WordPress main file to weblog.php and used index.php for static pages index. After upgrading to 1.5 I used .htaccess to make home.php the start page. The wordpress index file is index.php and there is a rewrite rule /weblog for accessing that. I also set up to be redirected to wordpress index file – so messy ? huh? – !

The problem started with Update Services, as people linked to my blog with different addresses through blogrolling, I should manually ping these addresses through blogrolling manual update form!

I finally decided to write a plugin to ping multiple URIs , After coding for couple of hours , the plugin was ready and worked properly , [I haven’t published that yet , I’ll do that in few days].

This plugin has an option page with a text box containg multiple weblog URI the user wants to ping when updating her/his blog. There also is an INSTANT PING button which can help user pinging Update Services instantly.

Now after testing plugin , I face to a question? Should we spread web application in depth like the job I did? Is it really necessary ? Should we force users to follow rules and standards or help them with adding such options to applications?