Respectful Japanese

10 days ago I traveled to Japan for a robotic competitions. My trip to this amazing country took about 8 days and I got totally impressed by Japanese people. I am still thinking deeply about their behaviors and cultures and I think this would take much longer. Japanese are kind, responsible and friendly people with a permanent will to help. You will never feel lonely in Japan when you face a problem.

I do not know if a Japanese will ever read this post or not, but if so, I would like to thank you all …

13 thoughts on “Respectful Japanese”

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  1. that was really nice!
    I enjoyed your posts, most of them were very intersting.
    specially the one about the emonstration against that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the PolyTechnic university, as we are in Tehran University, most of the time the news of the happening there reach us but this time, at least in my group of friends, there was no news of that event!


      Is Regime Change In Iran’s Future?

      Paltalk News Network

      The recent images coming from Iran show a more defiant Green Movement. No longer are the dissidents passively protesting, but they are fighting back – setting fires, turning official vehicles, freeing fellow demonstrators who have been arrested and even beating police officers and militiamen.

      In a change in strategy, the Iranian government is more openly reporting on the clashes – perhaps to show that they are becoming more violent in an attempt to discredit the movement.

  2. i dont know if this comment is related to your blog or not but i dont have so much time to write in apropriate place:
    hey how are u man?
    is every thing ok with u?
    send me your phone number if u read this.

    have fun honey

  3. it has been a long time since u made a comment.
    i am japanese ,and so happy to hear that japanese treated you in a kind and respectful way when you were in Japan.
    please come to japan again 😀

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