Multi URI Ping Plug-in for WordPress

Do you have a WordPress based weblog that used to have another address in the past or uses URL Redirection now? Do you have problem with “Update Services? and it seems as if they will never add your blog address to their update list?

With “Multi URI Ping Plug-in? you can easily ping Update Services with more than one URI when your blog get updated, Just Edit your weblog alternative addresses in Multi URI Ping option page in WordPress admin panel and you will see alternative addresses in Update Services recent update lists when your blog get updated.

There also is an Instant Ping option to help you ping update services manually through wordpress admin panel.

Here is a screenshot of the plug-in admin panel.

Multi URI Plug-in Admin Interface

WordPress Version Compatibility:

Tested on wordpress 1.5, 1.5.1, 1.5.2 and 1.6 alpha.


The latest version is 0.9. Click here to download it.

How to Install

Extract the archive and copy mps-multiping.php to your wordpress /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate “WordPress Multi URI Ping? through your wordpress admin panel.

How to Use

Just login to wordpress admin panel and go to Options->Multi URI Ping page and edit the links in the text box.

Notice: You must be level 10 WordPress admin to access the page.

Change log

  • Ver 0.9 (October 24, 2005) : First Release.

181 thoughts on “Multi URI Ping Plug-in for WordPress”

  1. So with this I am able to have say, a feed URI for each individual catagory on my WP site, andset this plugin so that once I have updated certain catagories, I can then ping thoseURIonly for the new updated catagories to mylist of ping servers?


  2. The best thing about pramosone by features. lotrisone.
    claim my blog. Only problem of course is that when I update wordpress pings Technorati and tells it that has been updated, since technorati is ignoring that doesn’t do a lot of good. I tracked down the “Wordpress Multi URI Ping? plugin and configured it to ping with both

  3. Merci pour votre travail, c’est un plug-in très intéressant et très pratique.

    Thanks for your works, it’s a greatful and interresting plug-in.

    Arthur (Bretagne, France)

  4. is this plugin for version 2 of wordpress, not how i’m going to go about this ping thing as my blog is new and there so many ways of doing it.
    How many ping services are thier and where can a complete list be obtained?.

  5. salam
    man taze mikham ba wordpress va unix ashna sham
    va ye site vase khodam rah bendazam vali hich etelaaati nadaram
    mishe be man komak konid va dar in zamineh rahnamaiim konid mamnoon misham

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  12. Hi, just wondering, this plugin only pings when we publish right ? when we edit or save draft post, anything but publish, it won’t ping any of those services right? Please correct me if i’m wrong…

  13. hi mani, i know you’re probably very busy, i need to know if the plugin is doing the ping when “we push the publish button”, or when “the post is actually published”? Because I always use scheduled posts, hopefully the ping only works the the post is actually being published.

  14. hey
    this plugin is a nice one and also very useful
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    have a look
    thanks dude good job:)

  15. I just created myself a wordpress blog after all these years and i can’t believe it took me so long. some of what you mention seems a bit off considering the wp version i’m using so idk if this article is old?

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